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My name is Kenneth Gilmore Jr., Founder & Executive Director of Home of Crime Prevention & Life Skills Speakers & Workshops, Inc. Ms. Barbara Kavanagh and I have developed this program in answer to the spike in crimes and the need to eliminate the bad behaviors present in our communities.

Many years ago, I've committed crimes that I am not proud of, and I spent 31 years in prison. With the Love of God, I managed to turn my life around in spite of my daily struggles. When I was paroled from prison in 2007, I faced the challenges of re-entering society: I enrolled in counseling and because of the undying support of my family and friends, I was able to stay on the straight and narrow. I am blessed to be alive and here to tell my story, so I wanted to share my success with all offenders: violent offenders, past and present gang members, Senior Citizens who fear for their safety whenever they venture outside for food shopping or medical appointments, and all adults who face the challenges of everyday life and the LGBTQ community. 

The first step was to show through my life experiences that this program is the best way to reach all individuals who are contemplating changes in their life. Only ex-offenders can relate to another person’s fear of the challenges they face after being released from prison. Some of their fears is that they will slip back into their former lifestyle - their painful shortcomings make them feel like they have no other options but to continue their life of crime. Some of the fear is fueled by their lack of education. The Home of Crime Prevention & Life Skills Speakers & Workshops, Inc., will take these fears and turn them into positive action. Our program offers our clients educational, vocational training and basic life skills. Our workshops are designed to help our clients face and overcome the challenges they are confronted with on a daily basis. We also focus on helping clients who have not been imprisoned!

How do we accomplish this? For several years in prison, I attended daily counseling sessions that taught me the value of my life and the lives of others. I also learned how to separate the behavior from the person to be able to appreciate the person's inner qualities. I eventually graduated from my classes to a position where I facilitated these classes and taught my fellow inmates what I had learned.

When I was paroled from prison in 2007, that knowledge and my firm belief that I could be of assistance to others led me to join a project of the Queens Public Library and the District Attorney’s Office of Queens County to work with individuals arrested for the first time for nonviolent crimes. This Second Chance Program sealed their crimes if the individual completed the course and stayed out of trouble for 6 months after completing the course. I could see right away that this curriculum was the program I was looking for to help others while being blessed to fulfill my dream. 

Kenneth Gilmore Jr.

Founder & Executive Director

 Ex-Convict Opens Crime Prevention Workshops in New York



Kenneth Gilmore, Jr., who was incarcerated for 31 years in New York State prisons, is now the Founder and Executive Director of Home of Crime Prevention & Life Skills Speakers & Workshops, Inc. in New York, (assisted by Ms. Barbara Kavanagh, former Assistant Director of the Logistics & Security Management Department of the Queens Library, in Queens, New York). 


Home of Crime Prevention & Life Skills Speakers & Workshops, Inc. counselors are mostly comprised of ex-offenders who were formerly incarcerated and who regrettably have violated the law and have lived crime-filled lives, now are trying to redeem themselves by giving back to society by counseling criminal-minded individuals through Home of Crime Prevention & Life Skills Speakers Workshops; there are currently five (5) workshops being offered and taught from real personal criminal life experiences which help criminal-minded clients relate to the instructors on a more personal level, which means the clients are more prone to listen to instructors who have walked in the clients' shoes and learn from the lessons taught.  


“Being the first Ex-Offender Owned Counseling business in New York” trying to help reduce crime in our community  through a variety of workshops means a great deal to us, and we’re proud to give back and help, but it’s just the first step,”


Home of Crime Prevention & Life Skills Speakers & Workshops, Inc. opened in 2023.  Gilmore opened Home of Crime Prevention & Life Skills Speakers & Workshops, Inc. after working closely with Ms. Sonya Davie on the speaking circuit, LMHC, CMHIMP and doing presentations for Ms. S. Michele Nicholos, Curated by SME groups, and eventually becoming a regular instructor at the Second Chance program at the Queens Library in Queens, New York under the guidance of Ms. Barbara Kavanagh, which was created by the Queens District Attorney’s Office in conjunction with the New York Police Department designed to prevent young children from receiving criminal records for committing first offenses if they complete the program so that they would not go to jail or be tabbed with criminal records. 

    Following the success of the Second Chance program, Home of Crime Prevention & Life Skills Speakers & Workshops was created to “help reduce crime” in our communities and ultimately help restore some semblance of peace and order in Brooklyn and other surrounding communities in New York City and other communities around the Nation. 


Gilmore reached out to Ms. Kavanagh to establish a business partnership to help reduce crime in New York City and to actually help criminal-minded individuals turn their lives around so that they may become law-abiding citizens. His rather unique business model of using ex-offenders to reach criminal-minded offenders has brought much success when utilized. Unfortunately, far too often, counselors who have worked hard to achieve their counselor degrees and have helped in many ways, do not have the personal criminal experience or street credibility to hold the client's attention long enough to tap into the clients' “True Self”, so this is where Home of Crime Prevention & Life Skills Speakers & Workshops, Inc. comes into play. 


Home of Crime Prevention & Life Skills Speakers & Workshops, Inc. through mostly ex-offenders will positively affect today’s violent trends and concentrate on helping clients get an education, trades and employment via referrals and other associated businesses. Learn more about Home of Crime Prevention & Life Skills Speakers & Workshops, Inc. via its official website at


Also, be sure to follow the brand on Instagram @CrimePreventionWorkshops  


* Special thanks to Home of Crime Prevention & Life Skills Speakers & Workshops, Inc. Board Members: 


** Special thanks to Ms. Maryann Fable for all her professional help and contributions!


*** Deepest gratitude to Ms. SaMiaya Berry-White ( for developing our website!

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