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Embrace the Power of Second Chances.

About Our Program

Our Life Skills Speakers' Program teaches participants how to reconnect with their true self and believe in themselves. Participants learn the importance of not using firearms and the benefits of making good choices; and how to live a law-abiding life.
In some cases, the speakers have spent more than thirty years incarcerated and changed their lives and are able to teach clients the benefits of living life without violating the law. The workshop provides an upfront and truthful examination of life's realities from the offender's perspective, and aims to guide clients towards a more constructive path.

Workshop Description

The client will complete paperwork and meet with members of the staff. The program and expectations will be described.

Implementing mindfulness techniques to stay calm during disagreements. A deep dive into the importance of effective communication, active listening, and assertive speech in managing conflicts.

We will focus on the client’s reason for his/her antisocial behavior, which could include substance abuse, family problems, educational level and any other priority issues of the client. 


Registration &



Anger Management &

Conflict Resolution


Attitude, Behaviors,

Problem Solving,

& Self-Improvement


Setting Goals, Identifying

Strengths and Skills


True Self/False Self – How to Love Thyself



We teach the clients to set precise goals, listing dates, times and amounts of time spent on their projects, so they can know exactly when they have achieved their goal and can take complete satisfaction from having achieved it!

Peer pressure is a huge problem for our younger generation in today’s society which causes them to transgress. This portion of the course is designed to build character and show clients how to completely destroy their false self and teach them how to love themselves.

Each client will receive a Certificate of Completion, recognizing his/her success. Each client will invite family members/friends to celebrate their success with them. The number of guests for each client will be determined by the space available to us.

Announcing our Graduate Exclusive:

Visual Storytelling Department -
Empowering Graduates with Creative Expression and Real-Life Skills

Join our exclusive program tailored specifically for graduates of the Crime Prevention Workshops. Visual Storytelling Department, in partnership with Block Exchange Films, offers a transformative journey into the world of creative expression, equipping participants with invaluable skills in the art of storytelling and fostering personal growth. Led by acclaimed filmmaker and educator, Rasheen Hill (R.H.Bless), this program combines artistic vision, cultural impact, and a passion for storytelling to empower graduates to elevate their craft and make a difference in the world.

Our speakers have overcome adversity, experiencing challenging life circumstances that affected both them and others. Violence and abuse know no boundaries; they happen everywhere. That's why our organization is dedicated to being a force for positive change, inspiring greatness through transformative workshops.

Though we were once part of society's problems, we are now part of the solution. We are certain that our voices can make a positive difference! Today, our speakers not only serve as shining examples, helping others every day, but we have also become exceptionally skilled at connecting with individuals who have been involved in criminal activities, guiding them back to their true selves. Despite facing criticism for our past mistakes, it's clear that we are uniquely equipped to relate to present-day offenders and have a remarkable opportunity to help address society's challenges. Our journey as ex-offenders enables us to offer the support and understanding they need.

We believe that our experiences can profoundly change the lives of our participants, liberating them from the confines of their own thoughts. Our dream is to continue making a difference, leaving behind the role of victims in our past. We uphold the principles of honesty, integrity, courage, justice, humility, kindness, respect, self-loyalty, trust, knowledge, understanding, and non-violence. Selflessly drawing from our personal triumphs and setbacks, we enrich the lives of those we encounter, affirming their worth and sharing our knowledge. We are committed to educating participants about alternatives to gang violence and drug abuse, empowering them to believe in their own potential and embrace each day as an opportunity filled with excitement. Through our pursuit of happiness and excellence, we teach participants that their actions shape their choices and determine the paths they take.

Home of Crime Prevention & Life Skills Speakers & Workshops, Inc. is dedicated to making a profound impact in this world.
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